Senanga Orphans Day Care Centre (SODC)

In the late nineties the SODC was established by a number of widows who could not afford sending their children to school. Apart from their own children orphans were welcome as well to sit on the reed mats under the tree. That is how it started and now the school includes a number of classrooms, office building, dining hall, kitchen and storeroom. Moreover toilet facilities have been improved with the help of the UNHCR and a US based foundation which has built schools in the past.

The number of pupils at the school exceeds 900, to a considerable extent orphans. The school employs 20 teachers and a number of student teachers. There is also help from volunteers. Zambridge foundation contributes to the costs of meals for the pupils and also provides money for school fees and uniforms for those who continue education at secondary school level.

Zambridge has also supplied money for the purchase of sport materials.

Apart from offering education, the centre also organizes events to increase awareness of the
AIDS problem.

Currently Zambridge, in close cooperation with the Wild Geese foundation, has started the construction of a staff house for teachers at the SODC compound.

See the website of the Wild Geese for more information on this project (only in Dutch though).