Maxanaedi School
This school for OVC's (orphans and vulnerable children) has an increasing number of pupils. Today's count is almost 700 while the number of teachers has increased to 13. Because of the large number of pupils, teaching is done in two sessions.

The school started in 2001 with a very simple building (wickerwork mud walls with a grass roof)  and a kitchen and toilet facility made of local materials. Furniture (benches, chairs, tables) have
been purchased. In 2011 construction started of a concrete building with three classrooms and this was completed in March 2013. Pictures of the building process and the opening of the new
building can be seen using the links left on this page. Meanwhile, with financial help from Zambridge and the Dutch Wild Geese foundation, a second classroom building has been constructed as well as a staff house.

In 2016 the construction of toilets for staff and pupils has been completed. These Ventilated Improved Pitlatrines have been constructed in accordance with the standards of UNICEF and the Zambian Government.

At Zambridge’s request Our Energy Foundation, with help from the Wild Geese foundation, has equiped the school with a solar power installation.
The Zambridge foundation also contributes towards the costs of food, learning materials and uniforms.

In the past Zambridge has provided the money for the formal teacher training of some of the teachers.